Lena Nilsson

Lost DownUnder Stories

My Lost DownUnder stories are about the Land of Panghellan under the Nullarbor. They are stories for kids.   

Imagine if you accidentally ended up in a cave world downunder, where forests sometimes grow sideways, and in layers, and with root balls in the crowns. The ground is waterlogged with swamps, puddles, dead craters and rivulets. Elements of danger abound, dangers not found elsewhere on this planet. If making your way across the land, you are to discover the menacing mega fauna and the incredible flora. You will probably agree that it seems best to keep away from the giant marsupial lions and tigers.

Should you make it to the first port of call, you may find the ones living there to be peaceful collectors. Benjamin Starling did. But can you really be sure? Everything isn't always as it seems.

Later, if you happen to reach further inland and all the way to the islands, you will find yourself right in the midst of hostile hunters who try their utmost to capture you. Why are they so hellbent on keeping humans as teachers in their prison fortress? You could say, they can't keep people locked-up just because they want to learn more about the country on top. But they can and they will.  

Now, as if that's not all to worry about, you absolutely have to keep away from the trapped humans with names you must not utter. As a matter of fact, nearly everyone downunder will unfortunately do what's necessary to obtain possession of the Binehogen. So, if you have found it and you're chased,  you better save yourself. And run FAST! You probably don't want to become a teacher in their limestone encrusted downunder cave world and forever live with hostiles. When you try to escape, make sure you're on the right track, as it's too easy to get lost.  

Welcome to the world under the Nullarbor, which is never Nullar-boring!